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Length conversion table for:
foot   yard   kilometer   meter   micrometer   millimeter   mile   nanometer   inch   nautical mile   league   decimeter   centimeter   angstrom   ri (Japan)   kairi (Japan)   cho (Japan)   jo (Japan)   ken (Japan)   shaku (Japan)   sun (Japan)   mo (Japan)   red shift   parsec   light year   astronomical unit, au   light-minute   light-second   alen (Denmark)   arpent (Canada)   arshin (Russia)   bohr   braza (Argentina)   braza (Spain)   braza (Colombia)   cable (US)   cable (UK)   cape foot (South Africa)   cape inch (South Africa)   cape rood (South Africa)   Gunterīs chain   cuadra (Argentina)   cuadra (Chile)   cuadra (Colombia)   cuadra (Ecuador)   cuadra (Paraguay)   cuadra (Uruguay)  

Energy conversion table for:
joule   calorie (15C)   calorie (international)   calorie (termochemical)   British thermal unit   electronvolt   erg   watt hour   megawatt hour   megajoule   kilojoule   megacalorie   kilocalorie   watt hour   watt second   quad   British thermal unit (termochemical)   centijoule   decijoule   dekajoule   dekawatt hour   dekatherm   exajoule   femtojoule   gigaelectronvolt   gigajoule   gigawatt hour   hartree   hectojoule   hectowatt hour   kiloelectronvolt   megaelectronvolt   megajoule   microjoule  

Density conversion table for:
kg/l   g/cm3   g/dm3   g/m3   g/l   g/ml   kg/cm3   kg/dm3   kg/m3   kg/mm3   kg/l   kg/ml   mg/cm3   mg/dm3   mg/m3   mg/l   mg/ml   lb/cu ft   ton/cm3   ton/dm3   ton/m3   ton/l   ton/ml  

Speed conversion table for:
km/s   m/s   km/h   m/min   mi/s   mph   ft/s   nmi/h   mach   cm/h   cm/min   in/h   km/day   km/min   m/day   m/h   mile/day   mile/min   mm/s   speed of light (vacuum)   speed of light (vacuum)   yd/day   yd/h   yd/min   yd/s  

Mass conversion table for:
pound (troy)   pound   gram   kilogram   milligram   microgram   ounce (troy)   tonne   ounce   arroba (Portugal)   thai (Thailand)   carat (international)   carat (metric)   carat (UK)   carga (Mexico)   carga (Colombia)   carga (Costa Rica)   catty (China)   catty (Japan, Thailand)   cental   centigram   hundredweight (Germany)   hundredweight (Denmark)   chin (China)   chin (Cambodia)   chin (Hong Kong)   clove   denaro (Italy)   denier (France)   drachme   dram   electron mass   exagram   femtogram   gigagram   gigatonne   grain   gran (Germany)   grano (Italy)   grano (Spain)   gros (France)   hyl  

Angle conversion table for:
radian   degree   grad   sextant  

Power conversion table for:
megawatt (MW)   kilowatt (KW)   watt (W)   horse power(KM)  

Pressure conversion table for:
pascal   millibar   hectopascal   kilopascal   bar   atmosphere (atm)   centibar   centipascal   centitorr   decibar   decipascal   decitorr   decipascal   decitorr   dekabar   dekapascal   exabar   exapascal   femtobar   femtopascal   gigabar   gigapascal   hectobar   hectopascal   kilobar   megabar   megapascal   microbar   micropascal   millibar   millipascal   millitorr   nanobar   petabar   petapascal   picobar   pikopascal   terabar   terapascal