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In/h converter

1 in/h is:

Value           Unit
7.0555696666949E-9           km/s
7.0555696666949E-6           m/s
2.5400050800102E-5           km/h
0.00042333418000169           m/min
4.3841263793639E-9           mi/s
1.5782886010216E-5           mph
2.3148195185279E-5           ft/s
1.3714969096605E-5           nmi/h
2.1286300905935E-8           mach
2.5400050800102           cm/h
0.042333418000169           cm/min
1           in/h
0.00060960121920244           km/day
4.2333418000169E-7           km/min
0.60960121920244           m/day
0.025400050800102           m/h
0.00037878884091102           mile/day
2.6304786498462E-7           mile/min
0.0070555696666949           mm/s
2.3541895972681E-14           speed of light (vacuum)
2.3534840403014E-14           speed of light (vacuum)
0.6666680777806           yd/day
0.027777848333474           yd/h
0.00046296390370559           yd/min
7.7160415431942E-6           yd/s