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M/day converter

1 m/day is:

Value           Unit
1.1574074074074E-8           km/s
1.1574074074074E-5           m/s
4.1666666666667E-5           km/h
0.00069444444444444           m/min
7.1917939814815E-9           mi/s
2.5890509259259E-5           mph
3.7972685185185E-5           ft/s
2.2498263888889E-5           nmi/h
3.4918402777778E-8           mach
4.1666666666667           cm/h
0.069444444444444           cm/min
1.6404166666667           in/h
0.001           km/day
6.9444444444444E-7           km/min
1           m/day
0.041666666666667           m/h
0.00062137152777778           mile/day
4.3150810185185E-7           mile/min
0.011574074074074           mm/s
3.8618518518519E-14           speed of light (vacuum)
3.8606944444444E-14           speed of light (vacuum)
1.0936134259259           yd/day
0.04556724537037           yd/h
0.0007594537037037           yd/min
1.2657523148148E-5           yd/s